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Excerpt from the Iowa DNR Website:

Iowa's Time of Transfer Inspection Program

Iowa's time of transfer septic system inspection law (SF261) was passed by the Iowa legislature in April of 2008 and took effect July 1, 2009. The new law requires that every home/building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to the sale or deed transfer for the home/building. The purpose of the law is to eliminate sub-standard or polluting septic systems. A sub-standard septic system is one that has no treatment (secondary treatment) following the septic tank or has a secondary treatment system that has failed. These sub-standard septic systems pose an environmental and public health hazard and require repair. If you have a septic system with a septic tank AND a secondary treatment system such as a seepage (leach) field, sand filter or other approved device, and it is not creating a public health or environmental hazard, it does not have to meet current code. All inspections must be conducted by an inspector that has been certified by the department.

Certified Time of Transfer Inspectors
To become a certified time of transfer inspector you must fill out the Certified Time of Transfer Inspector Application (see below), Form 542-0192, and submit it to the DNR. To qualify for the time of transfer inspector training you must have one of the following:

  1. Two (2) years of experience in the operation, installation, inspection, design or maintenance of private sewage disposal systems (onsite wastewater treatment or septic systems).

    If you have questions about time of transfer inspections or the requirements to become certified please call Daniel Olson, IDNR, at 515-281-8263 or e-mail at [email protected].



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